15 February, 2007

Back to Work

I've had a lovely weekend. I didn't have to drive to Tavares. ZoePig's vet appointment, while inconvenient, was non-traumatic. And Scott and I stayed home and grilled steaks for dinner last night.

Compared to my last two days of work, which were full of chaos and confusion, the weekend was spectacular. And it makes me not want to go back to work.

Oh well. It turns out my birthday is right around the corner and I'm taking a long weekend (5 days... that's long!) for that. I can hang in there for another 2ish weeks.

And hopefully now that V.D. is past, work will return to normal.


Mommy Joy said...

Venereal disease? LOL

Mommy Joy Anonymous said...

Valentine, let me give you a gift you'll never forget!