07 February, 2007

CHIA Herb Garden - Day One

It may not look like much now, but some day we'll be adding fresh cilantro, marjoram, chives, and dill to our dishes.

...or we'll be transplanting other plants into the cute little terracotta pots that the CHIA herb garden came with when we come to the realization that they're never going to grow.

At any rate, they are living in personal greenhouses (sandwich bags) on top of the fridge until they are 2" tall. My bet: at least two will never actually make it outside.

Anyone else want to make a prediction? I'll try to update their progress weekly. Just think - I'm now actually blogging about grass growing. It just doesn't get more exciting than this, does it?


Janette said...

Hahaha! Are both of you in charge of the project? I bet between the two of you you're smart enough to make grass grow. I predict 100% success!

Scott said...

I, however, believe there will be between a 75-100% loss rate. I mean c'mon... it's Chia! I think they have the market cornered on the seeds-growing-on-a-terra-cotta-Homer-Simpson-head industry, but other than that....

Mommy Joy said...

I'm saying 100% because Scott can grow anything ... with or without Homer's head!