17 February, 2007


9 new messages when I came in to work this afternoon -- 5 from the same guy.

1) This is *****.  I need to cancel my res for tonight - emergency came up.
2) This is ***** again.  We cleared out the emergency - please don't cancel.  Call me.
3) This is *****.  Wanted to make sure you got the last message and we're still coming tonight.  Please call me.
4) This is *****.  Looks like the emergency isn't cleared up after all and we'll need to cancel.
5) This is *****.  I think we'll be able to make it after all.

So I called him back as soon as I got off the phone with all of his voicemails, and he didn't even answer the phone!  I give 2:1 odds that the guy isn't coming.

UPDATE:  He's not coming.  They have officially rescheduled for next Saturday.

(and on an unrelated topic, ZoePig had her staple removed.  She's fine.  There's still a little scab on the top of her head, but I definitely think the worst is behind us.  I asked Scott to write me a whole entry about our odyssey - keep your eyes out for that)

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Mama Joy said...

An enigma! A nebulous emergency!