26 February, 2007

Magnetic Personality

Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot: Show off your refrigerator magnets. Because you know you have 'em.

Me? Refrigerator magnets? Well ok, but remember you asked for it!

Here are the front and side of our fridge, in all their magnetic glory:

As you can see, we - ok, I'm not even going to ask Scott to share the blame on this one. it's all ME - I am a big fan of magnet picture frames. There are pictures of me and Scott, my bridesmaid Bridget (back in the college years), me and Minnie Mouse, me and the Grinch with two guys I haven't seen since around the time of the photo, Mike and Reyna's kids, my cousin Jenn and her family (this year's Christmas photos haven't made it up yet), and two little girls whose names I don't remember. Perhaps it's time to reevaluate the fridge-o-pics...

Of the non-photo magnets, most are from places we've been:

Moose X-ing, from my last trip to Wyoming.

Hershey's Syrup from - you guessed it - Hershey Park. There's also tons of Disney ones scattered around. In fact, the big tacky pink castle on the side of the fridge was a gift from a girl who works at Disneyland. We've never met, but she came east once and we exchanged random tourist stuff.

...and the statue of David, dress-up edition. I prefer David in the dirty construction worker jeans, but he always seems to end up in the boxers (or, when certain friends used to come over, nothing but his tool belt).

Also featured in this picture is the local Papa John's magnet. And the one shaped like Alabama is from the "Alabama Radon Education Program." What? Like you don't have one too?

Actually, growing up, my family had magnets shaped like every state we'd been to. They were in geographical order, but not to scale (Delaware was almost the same size as Florida). My mom still has them on her fridge, and I think she may actually have all of the continental US now that she's actually been everywhere.


mama joy said...

The "scale" thing is difficult. Rhode Island and Texas are the same size! And so far I've only been to 47 of the contiguous states ... Wisconsin is still on my "to do" list! The prettiest state is Kentucky, and the friendliest state is Oklahoma, and the very best state is Florida ... I'm so glad I get to live there! I didn't know it was the best until I saw the others ... but who knows? I could fall in love with Wisconsin! Yeah! THAT could happen!

Oh, and PS ... my favorite magnet was a gift from you. It's a clear plastic fram with a baby picture of Milo climbing in a big potted house plant!

Janette said...

Cool collection!

We're boring - We only have three magnets on our fridge and they're all from restaurants we get take out from on those occasions that I just can't bear cooking another meal. I usually cook about ten times a week! UGH!

The broccoli sandwiches below look really great, by the way. I wonder how it would be with cheddar cheese?