13 February, 2007

CHIA Herb Garden - Day Five

also known as the "holy $hit! they're growing!" post

Do you see what I see? Little tiny green sprouts in all four pots. Ok, so the chives only have a tiny bit of growth, but we'll be enjoying marjoram before we know it! Of course, we'll have to figure what exactly one uses marjoram for (the McCormick "EnSpicelopedia" says it's used for practically everything).

This post was a special request from Mr. ParkHopper. He thinks daily updates are in order. I think not. But since we both fully anticipated the "day seven" update to look exactly the same as "day one," I thought I'd snap a photo and make him happy.

...And if that doesn't work, perhaps I'll prepare a coctail from the assorted bottles behind our little greenhouse. I swear, we don't drink that much. We barely drink at all. The plants just happen to be living on top of the fridge, which is also where we store the rum. Really. Stop looking at me like that! Mojito, anyone?

1 comment:

Mama Joy said...

yo quero mojito!

YAAA! I win! I KNEW they'd all grow!