02 March, 2007

One Down...Eight to Go

Can you believe it? Thanks to a monster chunk of vacation time taken this month, I am working a grand total of NINE DAYS (indicated in purple below). Every time I see that, I just laugh. It's ridiculous, right? Well, keep in mind that I only work 4 days a week anyway, and would have been working 19 days this month. It still doesn't sound like much. But trust me - I am going to enjoy those days off!

Scott and I took this weekend off for my birthday (which, by the way, is tomorrow. I expect you all to call and leave me birthday messages!). And we took two weeks off later in the month to go on vacation.

So what's on the agenda? Well let's focus on the near future. Tomorrow we're going to go to dinner at the restaurant of my choice and then we're going to see a show of my choice. Want more details? Wait until tomorrow night!

And of course, Tuesday we're going down to Tampa to see Wicked!

As for the big vacation, I'm not quite ready to reveal those details yet.

Speaking of birthdays, I mentioned mine to my boss last night (when I reminded him that I wasn't working this weekend). He said, "oh yeah, happy 29th." And I stopped and thought, "how does he know how old I am?" And after almost a minute, I realized that I'm not going to be 29 - I'm going to be 28. So we had a good laugh about the fact that I couldn't remember how old I am. And he noted that he knew I was in my "upper 20's" and that he was close. It took me until I was driving home last night to realize that when he said "29" he probably thought he was being polite and that I was, in fact, older than that.

Older than 29? That's 30+. Gah!


Janette said...

Oh, boo freakin' hoo! I turn 40 this year. Fourty! Four-TEE! So sorrrry that I don't feel sympathy for your not quite yet oh so young 28 year old tush.

And you don't look close to your age - he was probably going off of something you said or some memory from when you were hired. And let's face it, he's male and they barely pay attention to that kind of thing anyway. Being polite? A female supervisor, yes, but a male? He was working off some info he had and nottrying to spare your feelings. They don't pay attention to such things and even when they do they don't think that fast. (Generalizing about straight males here, all gay males excluded from the generalization.)

The work calendar looks great!!!! Congratulations on a good job scheduling!

And yes, I'll call and leave happy birthday wishes tomorrow but in the mean time let me be the first to say -


proud mama said...

It was 3/3, and we were put in room 333! One time I ran into the nurse in the hall, and she was on her way to my room with you in your first RV! You were the prettiest baby I had ever seen ... but I didn't recognize you as MY baby! 7lb, 15 1/2 oz! Can't remember how long ... but you were so SKINNY! The other babies were chubby bundles, but you were long and lean ... kinda like your Uncle Frankie!

Happiest day of my life! I'll never forget it! 29 years ago! LOL