15 March, 2007

CHIA Herb Garden - Day 36

This is really a post about a dramatic cilantro, now fully aromatic and with leaves that look like "real" cilantro. Scott pulled a leaf off a few days ago and stuck it under my nose and it smelled just like salsa! That's good, right?

Of course, the chives keep plugging along. I think it's funny that we're growing this stuff in a pot, considering we had onion grass in our lawn in New Jersey. Is there really any difference?

The marjoram is a complete loss. As for the dill, there's one sprig left. One. And amazingly enough, it's growing outside the original CHIA sponge-dirt (the lighter brown on the left of the photo below). Hopefully they'll all still be alive when we get back from our cruise.

1 comment:

Mama Joy said...

Take the cilantro with you! It'll taste good in bloody mary's, salsa, and lots of stuff! Lots of "island" food needs cilantro!

Have fun! I'm jealous!