08 March, 2007

Disney Dorks

Yes, yes, I too am a Disney Dork. But I'm not quite sure I am at the same level as these people. See, Disney paired up with to do this wacky contest where people got the chance to have a Disney "dream job" for a day. Choices were Jungle Cruise Skipper, Haunted Mansion Maid/Butler, Princess-in-Waiting, Parade Performer, or Disney Pirate. I don't know what the actual application process looked like, since I'm a bit ineligible, but each position has "finalists" up on the web site with videos promoting themselves.

And we get to pick the winners!

I haven't watched them all yet, but some of my current favorites are the PhotoShop whiz, the "life of the potty," chinless Jason, and MsDizWiz, who confesses that she has no shame! Most of the wannabe Princesses and Parade performers are the annoying cheerleader type. Really annoying. As in I couldn't sit all the way through most of the 30-second videos! But I did throw a vote to Heather, because she had some baby pictures and prat falls.

Anyway, if you need a laugh (or need to feel better about yourself), check out the site. It's a decent way to blow a few minutes.

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Mama Joy said...

I somehow destroyed my ability to view YouTube. :( So I couldn't view any of the videos. :(

But if I could work at Disney World, I'd like to work at that restaurant set in the 1950's, where the servers pretend they're your family and they serve comfort food. That looks like so much fun!

The BEST part, for me personally, would be submitting my 30 second video.