04 March, 2007

Family Time

Scott had this brilliant idea tonight - bring ZoePig into the living room. I'm not sure if it was some sort of feline psychology experiment or if he just wanted to be the first one to feed her the fresh parsley we bought at Target today (Target, by the way, has the freshest cheapest parsley you can find anywhere).

So there they were in the man chair, and both cats moved in for a closer look. Kilo jumped up on the arm of the blue chair and sat there trying to figure out how to attack. Milo, meanwhile, jumped on the sofa behind me, and then jumped onto the back of the man chair. It was like that scene in Jurassic Park when the one raptor stands in front of the prey and then the other two attack from the sides.

The longer Kilo sat there, the more I got the impression he was running old Tom & Jerry cartoons in his head, picturing the Pig in between two pieces of bread with a slice of cheese and some mustard. He even started licking his lips!

So of course I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures. Sadly, Milo was sitting on the floor between Scott's feet for most of ZoePig's parsley time, so I didn't get any pictures with both of them in it. But this story was really all about Kilo anyway...

Note: Kilo wasn't really launched across the room. He pretty much gave up and left the party. I was just looking for an excuse to throw in the gratuitous Milo "pretty boy" picture!


Janette said...

Zoe has gotten so big!!! Such a pretty girl.

So...what about the birthday details, hm? You promised!What show did you see? Where did you eat? Did you have a nice time? Are you two enjoying your time off? Dish!

mama joy said...

I can't get the slide show to work. :(