30 May, 2009


I've got a proper post pending, but it's going to require editing some photos and typing more than I'll probably be able to do this morning before work. And there's a good chance I'm going to get home from work tonight and immediately pass out. So for now, you get this.

I stayed up late last night to watch Leno's last Tonight Show. You know, he was never my favorite. Unless he had a specific guest I wanted to see, I defaulted to Letterman. That said, he really is a good entertainer. Last night involved "best of" Jay Walking and an interview with Conan O'Brien (including a clip of their first meeting in April of 1993 when Conan had just signed on to do his show). The end was my favorite part though. Rather than doing some self-centered tear-jerker montage of clips set to "Thanks for the Memories" or something, he ended the show by talking about all the crew members who had met and married each other in the past 17 years and then brought up the curtain to show the 63(?) production babies born during his run on the Tonight Show. It was sweet.

Stay tuned for Monday, when Conan takes over in a brand new studio.


wickedmess said...

Yeah, I was always more of a Letterman fan than Leno, too, but I'd still rather watch old reruns of Carson over either of them.

What a wonderful way for Leno to end his run as host! I've heard that he's a pretty nice guy to work for.

mamajoy said...

That baby things is so cool!