29 May, 2009

Fruity Desserts

Last night I decided to make dessert for our cook-out with Dave. Something popped into my head...all the way from Girl Scout Camp. I couldn't remember exactly how it went, so I also got a back-up dessert. The result?

Bananas stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate chips, plus pineapple with caramel dipping sauce.

The bananas weren't bad, but we didn't really do a great job with the grill and they never quite warmed up. So we put them in the oven while the caramel sauce was finishing up.

Yep, I MADE the caramel sauce (out of a bag of square caramel candies and some half & half). Good Lord, that stuff was tasty! The pineapple was WAY acidic, but overall I give myself a pass.

Did I mention how good that sauce was?? The leftovers are in a cup in the fridge. Hopefully we can nuke it back to a good consistency. We have a bowl full of apples and 2 bananas left crying out for a little un-healthy-fication!


wickedmess said...

Yum! I think it sounds great. Golf Guy and I love fruity deserts.

mamajoy said...

wow! that caramel sauce sounds amazing!