08 May, 2009

Fun With Grits

"I claim these grits in the name of the Queen!"

Honestly, if the fork stands up straight in a bowl of grits, how can anyone be expected to eat them? At least the rest of breakfast tasted good!


wickedmess said...

LOL! That's where Golf Guy and I had breakfast this morning. We ate at the one in Davenport just south of you, probably not the same one? Their grits were great.

We should coordinate this one day and meet up. There are enough Cracker Barrels in the world that we should be able to meet in the middle.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

This was actually the one on 192 the day before. We should totally hook up at that one on 27. :)

mamajoy said...

OK boys and girls ... is there something in the picture that rhymes with grits?

Seriously, ParkHopper, that's where we get the expression, "Grits for the Mill."

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

Thanks for noticing, mom. For what I pay for the scaffolding to hold those puppies in place, they *should* get attention!