26 May, 2009

Sign of Summer?

I'm having watermelon for breakfast. That's a sign of summer, right?

(More accurately, I'm having watermelon for breakfast now, and will be having nutri grain blueberry waffles in an hour for brunch. And then I'll probably have something for lunch a while after that.)

If I'm lucky, Number Two will have left his birthday cupcakes in the fridge at work and I can make myself sick on sugar like I did yesterday. In the words of Juno, "woah! dream big!"

Yep...that's all I have to say!


wickedmess said...

NaBloPoMo is great, isn't it? We get to learn all sorts of minutia about one another!

mamajoy said...

If you're doing the summer fruit thing ... Good luck with peaches ... yet another year of fuzzy cardboard. :( They tricked me this year with a wonderful smell.
Stick with the cupcakes, kid ... at least they're reliable!

wickedmess said...

mamajoy: Your experience sounds like me and this year's "vine ripened tomatoes".

No wonder so many children hate their veggies if that is the flavorless crap they have to eat.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

we've been eating cantaloupe and watermelon recently. both are cheap. the last 'loupe we got was super-ripe and we had to consume it in 2 days. None went to waste though! I've been putting a few pieces of shredded mint on mine, but Scott thinks it's icky that way.

I think peaches were good last year, but I haven't had any this year.

wickedmess said...

I can count on one hand foods that I hate - cantaloupe is the prime offender. I can't even stand the SMELL and this time of the year stores just REEK of the stuff.

:: gag ::

More for you, though, right?

I had a Black Velvet Apricot yesterday that was the best apricot I've ever had in my entire life. Not exaggerating, BEST. APRICOT. EVER. If you haven't tried one you should really see if your local Publix has them.