24 May, 2009

Happy Sunday

I was going to eek out a blog post about how much it hurts my feelings to get AARP-related spam in my e-mail, but then I thought that was stupid and maybe I should just get over it. As it turns out, there's a lot of panic among the people I follow on Twitter right now, and I should mention them...

Nicurnmama: omfg! we're going to hospital by ambulance. jodie cant see! pulse thready. pray, pass this on RT. i'll keep.y'all posted

She and her daughter were away from home for a dance competition, the daughter started puking non-stop, and now she's in the hospital with meningicoccal meningitis. The doctor put Laura on antibiotics "just in case," but not soon enough. She's got the same diagnosis and I'm guessing as a result she probably is no longer sitting at Jodie's bedside. If I'm reading correctly, Jodie is stable, but will be in the hospital for a while. Still, some scary stuff going on there.

A little closer to home, and less emergent, it seems Matthew and Kristen aren't having such a good time on their camping trip in Georgia:

Data_Byte: 255/70/r18 -- help -stuck at river rock

I (don't laugh) thought the wacky numbers were map coordinates or something. It turns out it's a tire size. Though I guess they're ok - Kristen just posted an update that the tire is being replaced and then they'll be on the way home. As much as they take that Jeep off-roading, I sort of wonder how many tires they've already gone through (since December).

As for me, I've got nothing tweet-worthy going on. I guess I should contemplate going to work some time soon...

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