02 March, 2010

Pie and Pettiness

(I was going for a clever play on 'Pride and Prejudice' but I think I failed)

So...I gave up publicly complaining about my job for Lent. Not really. I'm just trying to cut back because complaining doesn't do anything but allow me to mire in misery. And you know, that's no good for anyone. And today I'm not going to complain about my job, but it might seem that way!

One of our part-timers got another job. And frankly, I'm thrilled for her. The Restaurant has never been the perfect fit for her, and she's definitely had some trying times. Last Wednesday when she told me she was going to be leaving, I told her I'd make her a pie. And then we realized that due to my Birthday Weekend o Fun, the next day (last Thursday...c'mon...try to keep up!) would be our last day working together. Obviously I wasn't going to make a pie that night! So I told her I'd stop in another day this week and bring her a pie - half peach, half blueberry (and make an identical pie for me and Scott). And over the weekend, I bought a goodbye card for the other girls to sign.

Well, another of our part-timers had a family emergency yesterday and she couldn't work yesterday or today. She called the departing one and asked her to cover yesterday, and was told no. I sent her a text yesterday and asked if she'd be able to help out today, and she didn't even bother to respond.

You can tell a lot about a person in the way they work during their 'lame duck' period. In this case, I've decided that this isn't the type of person that I want to spend my birthday baking a pie for. It's obvious she wouldn't go to half the trouble for me... or even for a co-worker she really likes. In fact, at this point I almost regret spending the money on the card.

I did buy the world's largest bag of frozen blueberries, and did promise Scott that I'd be making him a pie. So I might still be doing that at some point this weekend. After all, what else are we going to do with the gallon of Breyers Vanilla in the freezer?

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wickedmess said...

Glad you didn't waste your pie efforts (or time) on someone who didn't deserve it. Pie is sacred!

You know what's coming ~

mmm, pie...