02 May, 2011

Not to be a Buzz Kill...

I awoke this morning to the news that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Kind of shocking, no?

Even more shocking is that he was living in a mansion, and not in a mountainous cave.  I guess we lost that bet!

I also awoke to the news of the American reaction: partying at Ground Zero and the White House.  They don't think this is over, do they?  I'm pretty sure bin Laden wasn't controlling his people with a Jafar-like magical staff, hypnotizing them to do his evil bidding.  This isn't the end, and in the short-term I worry that there's going to be a lot of hatred and violent intentions pointed straight at us.  I'm betting they had a contingency plan for an event like this.

Not actually Osama bin Laden
 ...I just hope that we know what's coming before it actually hits us.

So congratulations Navy Seals on your awesome job yesterday.  Let's all keep our eyes on the ball and hope they got some good intel out of that "cave" in "Afghanistan" and that this really does mean the end of this war is significantly closer than it was this time yesterday.  But remember, we're not there yet.


mamajoy said...

That's what they call a

wickedmess said...

The partying disturbed me. I can get why some of the families of the victims went to Ground Zero when they heard the news but what compelled the frat boys to go to the White House? I mean, other than the TV cameras? It's not like "we won the war" and the troops were suddenly coming home.

I get it, it was a victory for us but in reality one evil guy just died. A lot more of our troops will die before someone arbitrarily declares "The War on Terror" to be over. The one guy that may have had the authority to declare the end of enemy aggression? He's dead. So now how do we measure victory?