11 May, 2011

PotD: Sword Not Included

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves...which is a good thing, because mine aren't very witty! 

Above is an actual vending machine from an actual women's room I visited today.  I decided to file this image on the blog, since yesterday I shared a picture of a weird ad on a tampon box (plus my own stellar commentary) on Facebook and didn't get one single "like."  Anyway, on to the bad jokes:

  • For the unprepared knight
  • "They were all out of scabbards...I hope this will work"
  • (Sword not included)
  • Now made with 0% absorbent steel!
  • Won't clash with your chastity belt!
  • Probably won't prevent stabbing, but at least no one will see you bleed!
These have gone from bad to worse.  It might be time for me to stop.  Got any others?

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