24 May, 2011

PotD: Almost Empty Nest

I know this photo is less than great, but I was so excited to see "my babies" AND an adult this morning when I left for work that I had to snap a picture. This is the first time I've seen any of them in over a week, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the last time.

All grown up and flying away...sigh...
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wickedmess said...

When we worked at Baytree we had a dominant pair of Sand Hill Cranes that would run off any and all comers, even their own babies. Each year they would produce twins and luckily in all the years we were there all but one chick "made it". I guess the mom and dad eventually trained us to accept the babies leaving the nest. They were excited to run the kids off and to have a few quiet months to themselves before the next needy twosome showed up. I now apply this lesson to the eagles and osprey that I watch. I think the babies leaving is a little sad until I put myself into Mom and Dad's shoes.