12 September, 2009


NOTE: BATHtastic is a show on DIY. This entry has nothing to do with that show. I just like to say the word.

Yesterday was window shopping day for certain decorating ideas. First stop: Bed Bath & Beyond. The shower curtain I found before was not at all what I wanted when I saw it in person. In fact, it wasn't even hanging up on display like 90% of the curtains they sell. But I think I did get lucky with this curtain (and rug) and some of these accessories. They really do go together nicely. I had them sitting together in the display to make sure.

If you're getting the impression that these blog posts are turning into some sort of brag book, I'm sorry. It's not so much a brag book as a place for me to record links to things so that I have it for personal reference later on. I doubt these posts are interesting to anyone but me. But you know... there's a whole world out there to entertain. Right now, I'm serving myself. Up next (after work or tomorrow): FAN-tastic!


wickedmess said...

I didn't take it as bragging at all! I just selfishly assumed that you were serving MY need to live vicariously.

No seriously, you're excited, this is the biggest thing going on in your life right now (and rightly so) and this blog is about your what's going on with you day to day. Anyone who sees it as bragging obviously needs to quit focusing on you and deal with their own issues.

I really like this shower curtain, it looks much more sophisticated than the other.

mamajoy said...

Wow! Wickedness said it so well! Your readers are your friends ... and friends are interested in what interests you. This is so cool!