03 September, 2009


We're going to be hiring another full-time person into my office. There's lots to do, as we are changing the scope of the job and changing 3 other major things at The Restaurant all at the same time. It's pretty intense.

Add to that the little matter of buying a house! Did I mention our projected closing date is October 9? Funny - that's at the tail end of a scheduled 10-day stretch at work for me because the other girl who works nights is going on a cruise. This means I'm going to have to bring a secretary in between now and then and re-train her how to do the job (because half of it changed earlier this year) so that I can get the day off to buy a house!

Oh yeah, plus we have to pack and move and redecorate and buy furniture and get the cats de-clawed and try to get out of our lease a month early and...

When I start making mental to-do lists, I check out. It's the Zoloft effect. Really, when I was on Zoloft whenever I got overwhelmed my brain just stopped thinking about whatever it was thinking about. It was like a pleasant fog rolling in. Anyway, these days when I get overwhelmed by things I should be thinking about, I find myself doing inconsequential things like window shopping for shower curtains.

Sadly, even the shower curtains have failed me today. I'm looking for something fairly nebulous to go with the master bath theme we (and by "we" I think I really do mean both Scott and I, but I'm never really sure when he actually agrees with me and when he's saying yes because he knows I'll change my mind 18 more times) came up with. This one is the closest I've found, but I'm not really fond of the horizontal stripes. The color palette is good though.

I know what you're thinking. Let me assure you that the orange bathroom isn't going away. The upstairs guest bath is getting the Nemo accessories and the bright orange shower curtain. What overnight guest wouldn't want to see ORANGE first thing in the morning?

Well, I'm going to close my eyes and do some deep breathing before heading off to work.



wickedmess said...

For the record I like the Sierra Copper shower curtain by Manor Hill at the 1st link you posted. (What record? I'm not sure exactly.) I love the colors in the blue one that you picked out.

Glad to hear that you're keeping the orange shower curtain. You know I love it! (And I'm sorta jealous but we don't use a shower curtain so what can I do?)

I know it's stressful but I know you're excited enough that it's all worth it!

:: deep breaths ::

mamajoy said...

Picture yourself in November! A whole new universe!