14 September, 2009

Some Random Photos

Elphie's opinion of the new scratching post: "Kill... kill... scratch... scratch... scratch... kill... kill..."
Milo: "Meh...I think perhaps I'd prefer to continue to use the love seat." (he won't tell you this himself, but he does love the scratching post. this might be because I've been rubbing it down every day with fresh catnip leaves...)
This was our first attempt at meatloaf cupcakes. Yeah, they look like big meatballs with potato caps, but they tasted good!
We learned that next time we need to bake them in those little disposable metal muffin tins so that they can maintain the cupcake look. Also, we were hungry and it was late so I didn't take the time to actually pipe the potatoes to make them look like frosting. Overall, I'd say it was as successful a first attempt as possible. I'm trying to perfect the technique so that I can do mini meatloaf muffins for the next potluck at work.


wickedmess said...

Heh, that's Baxter's exact words while he scratch/kills the post closest to his potty. I'm telling you he's done some serious damage to that wood.

I'm intrigued by the meatloaf cupcakes. I think I may have to experiment with a recipe for that myself. (How about "sprinkles" made of cooked carrot and red bell pepper confetti? not a lot, just enough for some color)

mamajoy said...

Can I have the recipe? We've joined one of those "let's get together and eat" churches ... and that looks like the perfect thing to bring!