04 September, 2009

Linen Closet

This morning's project was the linen closet. Here's a partial list of things found within:

  • Ghirardelli chocolate-caramel squares, probably from 2006 or '07
  • Unopened pack of yellow practice golf balls (kept)
  • A zillion travel bottles of Spa H2O Shampoo, Conditioner and lotion (kept)
  • A dozen partial bottles of shampoos and conditioners that I didn't like
  • Marriage certificate (kept)
  • Two envelopes of family photos (some kept)
  • Some random electronics that went to the closet to die
  • Dead light bulbs (kept, because we're going to swap out the CF bulbs in the bathroom vanity before we leave)
  • Bucket of cleaning products untouched by human hands in at least 2 years
  • Two bags full of papers that Scott needs to sort into 'shred' and 'toss' piles
  • A petrified roach

Good news for both of us, the apartment complex newsletter arrived today. There's a community yard sale this month. Scott's already scheduled off that day, and I'm going to take off as well, and I'm going to schlep our crap downstairs and get rid of as much as possible. The leftovers I plan to take directly to a Good Will drop-off. No sense lugging the stuff we don't want back up the stairs, right?

This means we only have two weeks to finish our initial sweep & sort. No problem. As far as I can tell, we have the two closets in the kitchen, the desk drawers, the bottom of the bedroom closet (did the stuff on the shelves last week), and the dressers in the bedroom to go through. I'm off tomorrow, and plan to tackle the kitchen.


mamajoy said...

Can you please tell me how a community yard sale works? Does the apt complex make any money from it .... or is it just one of their activities? ARe they going to advertise outside the complex?

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

They don't make money, and I *think* they might advertise, but I don't really know.