13 September, 2009

Fan-Tastic! (as promised)

Have you ever gone to a home improvement store and stood staring up at a ceiling full of fans that all look pretty much the same and tried to picture the individual fans in a space that you haven't even seen finished?

It's sort of difficult!

The fan at the top-center of this photo is currently the front-runner for our living room. Mostly because I like the swirled frosting on the light fixtures.

Scott and I are divided for the bedroom fan. He likes this one, but I don't like the globe. My choice in-store was this one, but I don't really like it anymore either. I don't think I want one with a dark spot in the middle of the globe. That might be hard to find. Plus, we need to make sure the tray ceiling isn't going to be a factor when choosing blade length.

I guess we're still quite up in the air on this one.

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