07 June, 2010

Hurricane Season

It must be Summer in Florida. The afternoon thunderstorms have started, and we've already had some doozies! Of course, June 1 was the official start of [insert dramatic music here] Hurricane Season 2010.[end music]

My favorite Orlando Sentinel columnist took a very scientific approach to hurricane season. He spoke with hurricane experts including a psychic, a monkey, and his two children and compared their results with Dr. Gray. How did they all do? "Generally, when it came to picking storm numbers for 2010, Gray went high and the monkey went low. The psychic and little Maxwells were smack in the middle."

I guess that means I'm hoping the monkey is correct. Apparently buying a house has made me incredibly sensitive to hurricane season. Also, living a few hundred yards from Turnpike construction during hurricane season has made me paranoid. The last thing I need is an orange construction barrel flying through my window at 90 mph!

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