24 June, 2010

Gone Fishin'?

Is it because it's summer?

Has everyone I "know" from their blogs burned out at once?

I know my excuse - I'm learning a new job and my brain is so full of new things I stopped having thoughts of my own past "eat, sleep, drive, TV" a week ago.

Where did everyone go?

(by the way, aside from the flat spot I've developed on my forehead from banging my head into the desk, I'm really enjoying my new job. I'll tell more when I figure out how to tell what is it that I do all day!)

(and also, getting home in daylight is nice, but I had forgotten what it's like to get into a 120 degree car in long pants. ick!)


mamajoy said...

Love the new background.
Do you like having weekends off? Wanna go out and play?

ps. my vocablurry word is anceters! That's like me!

wickedmess said...

My lack of blogging can be attributed to the axiom 'if you have nothing nice to say it's better to say nothing at all'.