27 June, 2010


We haven't had many birds to watch ever since the weather heated up. I imagine they've gone somewhere in the low 90's, or at least to a pond with trees and shade. Basically, there's been one egret and that's about it. But yesterday a heron appeared on the shore and was doing some weird stuff I've never seen one do before. Case in point:

I thought he had just caught a fish because his throat was doing that flutter-wiggle thing, but he kept it up for a while. Scott suggested the wing position was a way to cool down, and I accepted that because it's easier to believe something positive than to worry about something negative.

I kept an eye on him, and tried to figure out whether the brown on the tip of the right wing was an injury (of course, my first instinct was "that damned alligator!) or natural coloring or even oil. I still don't know. But I've gone back through all of my old Harley pictures, and have never seen coloring like that. See the picture below for another view. I took some other pictures, and it's on both wings at the same spot.

He's back out there again this morning, which makes me wonder whether he even left. He's spending a lot of time grooming, which makes me think whatever is going on there must either hurt or itch a lot. Of course, there's a pretty abundant supply of fish, so I don't think he'll starve. Still, it breaks my heart to think he's hurting.


wickedmess said...

Awww, that's just terrible!!! Poor birdie.

Here's the link to your local Audubon Society, there's links along the left side that may help you. Good luck.

We had an injured Sand Hill Crane recently and I couldn't get the local wildlife officials or a single rehab person to return my call. After a few days the poor thing just disappeared. It used to be that when you had an injured wild animal you had more than a few options for help. That's just not the case anymore and that scares me.

Good luck!

wickedmess said...

Also I sent you an email with links with more heron info. I don't know how applicable it is to your bird, though. You can always give me more details and I can do some more research. Take a look and let me know.