22 January, 2014

New PR

Cast Walking (& running) League started back up for the season today, and I'm back on a team. It's been two years since my season as a team captain, back when my goal was just to walk for the whole hour without whining. I did 2.5 miles the first night and was so proud of myself. 

Tonight, I ran four miles in 54 minutes. I also set a new one-mile PR of 12:37. I've been having pretty crummy runs recently, and it was wonderful to get out tonight, breathe in fresh air, and run. 

The Celebration Half is this Sunday, and if I stay healthy I think I might have a chance at a PR. The course is flat, the weather is supposed to be perfect (low 54, high 71), and I feel faster than I did going into Space Coast. 

Today was beautiful. My run was fabulous, and I feel awesome*!

*as long as we ignore the aches in my left hip and hamstring and my right arch. New shoes are on the horizon!

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