24 January, 2014


I finished a two mile conditioning run this afternoon, and wanted to jot a few notes before I forget them.

- 1-mile time: 12:21! Holy new PR, Batman! AND that was the second mile!
- 2-mile pace: 12:34 min/mile. 

- first time I strung together two sub-13 miles!
- first mile faster than 12:30!

Of course, this was supposed to be an easy conditioning run because I have the Celebration Half in two days. Even still, I don't feel like I did any damage, and it was a lot of fun to go out there and try to run fast and not hold anything back. I felt awkward, like my arms and legs and breathing just couldn't get on the same page, and I was winded...but I felt strong and fast and... It was pretty awesome. 

The weather Sunday is going to be perfect running weather for me - mid-50's and no rain. I bought a new long-sleeve shirt...hoping I won't end up being too warm in it...and finally got a sun visor. 

Speaking of visors...

No offense to visor wearers or lesbians ("some of my best friends are..."), but is it possible to be the former without looking like the latter? I certainly can't pull it off!

And back to Celebration...

The weather and my preparation lead me to believe I could PR this weekend. Heck, if I feel this good on Sunday, I think it's likely I'll finish with a sub-14 pace. My big goal is to finish in under 3 hours, but that definitely seems a little too optimistic. 

Wish me luck. It's going to be a fun weekend!

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mamajoy said...

yikes! I always thought visors were so cute! So proud of all your PR's