17 April, 2009

Baby Steps

This weekend's physical activity:

2 hour bike rental at Wilderness Lodge!

Of course, this was 1 hour of biking and an hour at Trail's End Restaurant eating buffet-style country food! Truth be told, my "seconds" was another plate of salad and another piece of cornbread. That was much more responsible than the pulled pork sandwich/fried chicken/beef stew that I wanted!

We found out later that we get a 50% discount on bike rentals, so that second hour we were sitting didn't really cost anything. It was a lot of fun, and we thought about doing it again and packing sandwiches and having a picnic out there somewhere. I imagine this kind of stuff will start being a lot less fun once the temperature is in the 80's-90's, but for today it was great!

I also learned today that Scott can stand the sight of blood, but the sight of a bent-back fingernail is enough to make him almost cry. I was brave for him, but it hurt like a mo-fo. Poor little pinky!

Now I'm off to tell the Wii Fit that I already did my activity for today and she can kiss my butt! (ok, maybe I'll do 20 minutes of self-guided step aerobics while Scott watches The Matrix...I'm still sweaty from the bike ride)

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mamajoy said...

That sounded like a lot of fun! The very words "pulled pork" gave me a Pavlovian response that could've damaged my keyboard!