10 April, 2009

Menus for the Week

While gorging ourselves on tasty lunch, Scott and I came up with our menu for the week. Yes, we're in one of those healthy eating phases. No, it won't last long. But the orange sherbet in the freezer and the bowl of apples and bananas on the counter at least give me hope for a week of healthier snacking. Anyway, I'm not claiming that our meals are healthy. I am claiming that they are slightly better balanced and each contain at least one vegetable!

Tonight, we had flounder fillets en papillion with asparagus, and macaroni & cheese on the side. We didn't have white wine, so we used limoncello. Not bad - better than I thought it would come out!

Tomorrow, we're having grilled pork chops with green beans and macaroni & cheese. (what? the recipe makes a lot!)

Later this week, we'll have chicken salads with romaine, cucumber, mandarin oranges, sesame-ginger dressing and chow mein noodles.

Also, another chicken dish and another pork dish, with cous cous or risotto and more green vegetables are still to come later in the week.

Plus, there was a recipe on my bag of cherry Craisins for "black forest cookies." I made them, and they aren't half as good as those cran-orange cookies, so I'll probably send them to work with Scott.

Well, it should be a pretty good week of dinners. Maybe this will make the work week slightly less painful? We'll see...


mamajoy said...

Y'know, I STILL can't find that dressing! Happy eating!
We're on a root vegetable kick right now ... must need minerals or something!

Minima said...

Yay! Are you going to start posting on Boiling Over again? I really enjoyed that!