14 April, 2009

Fuzzy Vomit

A Domestic Post from your UN-Domestic Host!

All three of my cats have started hacking up hairballs. This might not sound strange, unless I mention that all three are vomiting the same hair. The culprit? Elphie, of course! Everyone likes to lick her, and everyone pays the cost.

Milo has always been a puker. He's bulimic, so as long as we don't let the food bowl get completely empty before feeding him again, he's fine. And cat food vomit is easy to deal with: you wait for it to dry (or at least cool) and grab it with a paper towel. And most of the time one of the cats will go back and eat it before I get back to it. Hairballs are a different beast. They are mostly liquid, and dry into a nasty splotch on the carpet that I haven't yet figured out how to clean easily.

But I digress. We decided that perhaps the solution to our problem was a new cat food. Milo and Kilo have been eating Indoor Cat Chow for their whole lives, but that was before we introduced Elph fur to their diet. So we're trying switching over to Purina One, which has an indoor formula for weight management *cough*Kilo*cough* and hairballs!

I bought a small bag tonight, in case the cats refused to eat it. I mixed some in to their bowl with their current food (because I'm a good mommy and read directions) and all three of them have been chowing down, possibly selectively eating the new bits. So I guess that makes today the start of the Purina One Challenge.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you mention a financial windfall and the fleeting thought of purchasing a steam cleaner a while back?


Minima said...

I was afraid to click the link for fear there would be a photo of the fuzzy puke! Thanks for NOT making this a photo post.

I'm sorta lucky in that Baxter chooses to throw up in the shower. It's easy cleanup but that is rather disgusting to have to clean up every time you want to take a shower. I'll take it though rather than stepping on steamy surprises in the middle of the night. *gag*

Good luck with the new food.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

I did consider the steam cleaner, but instead that money went towards season tickets to the TBPAC Broadway Series (Wicked AND Mary Poppins! How could I miss that??)

mamajoy said...

Good choice, Phopper! There will always be puke ... but the shows are only in town for a few days!