19 February, 2010

A Comparison

Photo editing really isn't my thing. I'm a pro at cropping, and if you want one person's head comically placed on someone else's body, I can help you out. But actual editing for quality? Not so much! I gave it a shot this morning though. In an attempt to better my fish-catching photos (and to make one the correct shape for the desktop), I cranked up both the brightness and contrast. Below are the original and then my new version. Still, neither is good. I'm not even sure I like the new one better. Any thoughts?

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wickedmess said...

Meh, I'm not sure I like the new one better either. I can see how correcting it would be hard (impossible?) because of the darkness of the bird and fish versus the glare off the water. It's a shame because I still just marvel at that photo. It's just amazing that the bird is that ambitious! It's just incredible that you captured the moment and I feel like more people should see it.