07 February, 2010


I'm watching the Super Bowl. OK, I'm mostly watching the commercials, but it's turned into a pretty good game. I decided that I most certainly did not need to watch The Who perform during halftime, mostly because I knew I needed to put something up here.

I have a great weather-related bird picture to share, but not until I have more time to edit and upload it. Maybe after the game?

If you're looking for me in the next two hours, I'll be that lump between the sofa and the green fuzzy blanket.

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

WHO DAT! WHO DAT! Who dat sayin' dey gonna beat dem Saints!

Sorry, my excitement should burn out pretty soon but meanwhile I am enjoying myself. I've been a fan of the Saints for a long, LONG time and we've had some really crappy years. I wouldn't have believed it if you told me 20 years ago that we'd win a Super Bowl. Amazing!

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the game!