06 February, 2010

Wood Storks

(I think)
Wow...this is the first time in a while that I've seen more than one bird out behind the house at the same time. I'd like to believe this is because we removed the stinky dead bird yesterday and it doesn't smell so scary out there anymore. More likely it's the weather... or just a coincidence.

Anyway, according to my vast knowledge of birds (and this website), this is a pair of wood storks. Judging by the difference in neck feathers and the different coloration of their bills, I also think it's an adult and a juvenile (juvie on the right). It was nearly impossible to get a picture with the full beak because these guys were hoovering along the shore and rarely picked their heads up. Just after I took this picture, they separated and started walking in opposite directions. A few minutes later I looked again, and they were on opposite sides of the pond. They are definitely dedicated hunters!

Here's my one halfway decent photo of the whole bird:
I'm starting to yearn for being in New Jersey this time of year. Throw some birdseed on the snow, and you'll have all sorts of pretty cardinals and blue jays. Meanwhile, I have the bastard love child of a vulture and an egret in my backyard!

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