15 February, 2010

It's a Cat Day Today

Milo and I have a common personality trait: desire to curl up in a comfortable spot for as long as possible. After all, who needs work when there's a warm comfortable place to nap?Meanwhile, Elph is more the dominant task-master type. Here she's either saying "don't forget to flush," or "this room should be painted by now...stop slacking!"

Poor thing...since she's smaller than the boys, she'll probably always be my little black kitten. Of course, you can see here she's definitely more cat now. And look at that puffy raccoon tail! She still has it! So cute!

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

They're both so pretty even if they are grouchy.

That photo of Elphie is the best you've ever posted of her. It's so hard photographing black cats because so much detail is lost but that white background really bounces the light around and makes the most of her fur. Such a pretty girl and what a tail! Too bad she's on the "throne"!