11 February, 2010

Spot the WICKED Fan!

We're not even going to discuss how long it took me to do this. And really, I'm sure Janette is sitting there right now thinking I ruined a perfectly nice bird picture just to make the point that I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED TONIGHT AND I'M SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY SIT STILL! (ok, the not sitting still part might also have to do with the Coke I have consumed this morning)

Anyway, about the birds. I thought these guys were cattle egret (egrets?), but now I'm not so sure. There were a whopping 11 of them out back today, in two separate groups. Whenever I see them, they are in the grass and not on the water, which fits the cattle egret foraging, but there's no red wash over the bill and no fancy plumage on the top of their heads. Any guesses? Here's one more picture, with a great egret for comparison:


wickedmess said...

ROFLMAO! I LOVE IT! I don't know how long it took but it was totally worth it!

As for the bird...hmm? They aren't ibis & they aren't snowy or great egrets - what are they? I'm stumped. You said they were in a pretty large flock?

wickedmess said...

Oh, and here's hoping Wicked is wonderful and that you both really enjoy yourselves!