12 November, 2009

Bird Watcher

I was sitting here at the desk a few minutes ago watching a pair of sand hill cranes out the window. They were jack-hammering the edge of the pond, and I was wondering what they ate. The way they were digging, I'm thinking bugs. (and if that's the case, I want one as a pet!) I love all the birds that the pond attracts, and am getting curious about them.

And then my own nature called. (sorry, but it's sort of essential to the story) I was in the master bathroom checking out the drab gray sky through the partially-open blinds (the window is high - it's not an immodest thing to do, I swear!) when all of a sudden I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't care what you look at when you're on the toilet. Be it book, magazine, or peeling paint, I am quite sure you're not looking at anything as amazing as what I was looking at...

I can't remember whether I've already mentioned that the bald eagles around here have been a source of fascination for Scott and me since we moved in. We saw two at the top of a tree near the dumpster, and have both seen - and failed to photograph - a single eagle down at the pond. For all their size and terrifying sharp talons and beaks, these birds are skittish! One camera BEEP from 50 feet away and they fly off.

I still can't believe I finally got a picture. The camera was downstairs, so I turned it on and did all of the noisy steps before I even got back to the window. The BEEP as the picture was taken once again sent the eagle flying off. No second chance today! Hopefully I'll get another chance, maybe with blue skies, another day. For now, I'm off to reprogram my camera and turn off the sounds.

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wickedmess said...

I can't believe you were able to get a photo so close! I've tried before and I've always had the same problem with them being so skittish.

Can't wait to see more!