02 November, 2009

It's Sass, Isn't It?

The Restaurant is now the proud owner of a very expensive-looking round wooden table with what looks like marble inlays. It's one of those pieces that you look at and can't decide whether you like it, or whether it's ugly. But it definitely looks expensive. And at The Restaurant, it's usually expensive that they're going for.

The table came last week, flat-packed in a box that was probably 36"x36"x10". It was standing on its narrow side, so taking up roughly 36x10" of floor space, of course in my office. When I made a crack to the Chef about being punished for having less clutter than anyone else, he promised me that they were going to have maintenance come and put it together.

I returned from my days off, and found that the Chef had been true to his word. The table had been assembled, and left in exactly the same space in the office. Only now it's taking up roughly 3 times the floor space. And it's in front of a shelf that I use every day.
And so, much like an older sibling resenting the shiny new baby for taking up space and diverting attention, I sort of resent the table. So I made the table the butt of a joke:

Obviously, the tablecloth and the typed note were there before I got back. Had I written the note, it would have been in a nicer font and had a border. Anyway, in case you can't read them, the three yellow notes read, "(except this tablecloth)," "(and that note)," "(and these post-its)."

It's ok if nobody laughs but me. Because every time I see that, it makes me smile. And what could be better than that?

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