27 November, 2009

Apart from the Apartment

Scott finished cleaning out the apartment today while I was working my O.T. shift. Yay Scott!

Of course, he proudly proclaimed that the "finished" apartment had a roll of paper towels and two or three other things left in it. That's ok - we have to go back over there to return the keys anyway. What's one more trip up the stairs?

The sad part is that Monday is the 30th, which means either I'm going to have to go over before work or Scott is going to have to go after work.

The happy part is that we'll never have to go back there again. Take our security deposit. We're just glad to be out of there.


mamajoy said...

did you get end-of-an-era pictures of the empty apartment?

wickedmess said...

Na-na-na-NA-na-na-na-NA, hey, hey, HEY, GOODBYE!

I KNOW someday you'll both look back fondly on those 3 flights of stairs ("Remember when we were young and just starting our lives together?") but that's a LONG way off.