20 May, 2010

Do We Have a Winner?

The glass tile samples came today. As you can see below, we think we might have a winner. Of course, we have to find a paint color that coordinates with both the tile and my stand mixer. This tile has such a fantastic variety of warm sunset colors, I have to believe we'll have plenty of color options. As for the other samples, I believe the term 'epic fail' may apply. From top to bottom:

* cobblestones - umm...they were buy 4 get 1 free...and I thought the stones would be smaller the actual cobblestones!

* the red ovals were out of stock, so there was a hand-written note on my invoice: "out of stock - try opal ovals." the opal is lovely, but what project could I possibly be doing where the two would be interchangeable?

* desert waterfall: I really do love this one. I bought it because out master bath is shades of sand and blues and some day we plan to get rid of the crappy plastic shower surround. It's too expensive to do more than an accent, but isn't it awesome?

* sunset mosaic - totally needs to be in my kitchen!'

* got twizzlers?

So now I have some fun glass tiles to do arts & crafts. I don't know what kinds of crafts, but there's got to be something!

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

Oh, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Those are my favorite colors.

Um, the cobblestones? WTF? That is just bizarre but as a fun exercise I'm trying to picture the kitchen they would look right in. In EVERY scenario you make an adorable Pebbles, Scott looks cute as Bamm Bamm and some sort of prehistoric beast serves as your stand mixer.