13 May, 2010

Something Real

So at the risk of sounding optimistic or hopeful, I think my interview went ok. The hiring manager said she'd definitely be calling my manager for a chat, and even though she's out of town today through Tuesday, she said she would let me know either way by the end of next week. I didn't ask how many people she had interviewed, but I know I was the last one. I can't imagine she would waste her time checking out my references if she already had her mind made up to hire someone else.

For now, I'm doing my best to not think about it. Scott and I have a few fun diversions planned this weekend, and we've got chores (and sleep) to catch up on. Tomorrow is my 10-year company anniversary, and to celebrate we are going to my favorite Afrindian restaurant for lunch, and then going to Epcot to have margaritas for dessert. I'm sure we won't stay long - I melt in 90-degree heat - but this is the last weekend of the Flower & Garden Festival and I'd like to get a few pictures.

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wickedmess said...

It's great that you'll find out something fairly soon. Waiting to hear something is usually the worst part.

I wish you the best of luck with it.