17 May, 2010

Sample Sale

I ordered some sample sheets of glass mosaic tile - potentials for an accent for our kitchen back splash. Here's a photo of what we're going for (a Facebook photo of a high school friend's recently remodeled kitchen), followed by some of the tiles we're considering:

Disclaimer: when I say "we" are considering these options, I really mean Scott hasn't vehemently objected to my ideas. As it turns out, red isn't an easy color tile to find. This means we're really going to have to find and commit to the tile and then find a paint color to coordinate.

Anyway, I'm quite excited to get our samples. I'm absolutely in love with the ovals (picture them sideways, in a row maybe 4 ovals high), but tile is one of those things you can't go too crazy with. It's forever-ish.

I'll update when the samples come in!

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

Ooh, I love #1 and #2. Great colors! #3 looks more pink toned but maybe that's just on my screen.

Just my honest (and unasked) opinion, unless you're planning on moving in the next 5 years I think you're better off doing your house to suit the tastes of you and Scott instead of some imaginary buyer (who is pretty damned fickle).

It's your home and refuge; you should fill it with things you LOVE not just things you're sorta okay-with-until-we-sell.