05 May, 2010

...and then the phone rang and the world just tilted

I got a phone call at work today. It was a secretary for someone I'd never heard of calling to schedule me for a job interview I'd forgotten I applied for.

Interview? You mean my resume hasn't just been sucked into a black hole? I daresn't believe you! I applied for that position 6 weeks ago...and have applied for probably 50 others in the past few years. I hadn't given up hope... just started considering a resume workshop. I still am, really.

Actually, I was explaining to Scott that getting an interview for this job is sort of like in high school when I was asked out by someone infinitely more popular than I was, and I couldn't figure out why he was asking me out. It's not like we had anything in common... (I couldn't go the time he asked, and I guess it was a one-time deal because he never asked again. oh well) Anyway, while I don't think this department is more popular than me, we don't have a whole lot in common. That is, I'm certain I could do the job, but my background doesn't exactly line up well there!

So the interview is next week. I'll get the ol' interview suit out of the back of the closet, get my hair cut, brush up on my smiling and eye contact, and research what I can about the job between now and then. I'm treating this as a fire drill, because I just can't fathom that they'd really offer me the job.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. I'll post more if I find out more. Much like the last job I interviewed for, I doubt I'll even get the courtesy of a thanks-but-no-thanks letter if I don't get it. Come to think about it, maybe I'm still in the running for that last job. It's only been two years...


wickedmess said...


I once got a completely unexpected job. I had applied for one position, went through the interviews (including a, gawd help me, phone interview) and when the offer came they said they didn't want me for the lower, less paying job but would I be interested in one higher paying, more prestigious and A LOT more fun?


I wish you the best with the interview. Here's hoping that it's one Life's GOOD surprises!

mamajoy said...

Fire drill, or new chapter ... this is so cool!

Try your best to stay calm.
Brush up your Sunday Salaam.

PS You said DARESN'T!!!!! You little Muggy!