08 May, 2010

Vacation Paralyzation

It's getting to the point where we can book cheap last-minute vacations for our scheduled time off. And there's some pretty cheap deals out there. My problem? I'm burned out. All of a sudden those vacation ideas like NYC and DC aren't what I want. I don't want to have to think about travel or about itineraries. What I want is a cruise. But since we still don't have passports, that's out.

So...the beach?

Well, vacation is still far enough away that I don't know whether a Florida beach vacation on either coast is advisable. Damn oil spill!

And then I thought maybe we can find a cheap deal very locally, and have a Universal-Sea World staycation. We already have some Universal tickets, and Discovery Cove for 2 would still be cheaper than airfare anywhere else! Heck, I don't even WANT to swim with a dolphin. I just want to go snorkel and laze around and be take care of for the day!

Other than "out of the house," I don't know what Scott really wants. Maybe we can figure that out today.

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wickedmess said...

You had fun with your trip to Atlanta, how about another place where you can just fly in and then walk around for a few days? The French Quarter in New Orleans would be fun and it's the start of their low season. At the other end of the spectrum (and probably w/ much cheaper deals) is Vegas. Not my kind of thing but I guess everyone should experience it at least once. Maybe.

Anyway, I'd just skip the itineraries. Just find a good deal to somewhere interesting and then explore all good things within walking distance of the hotel.

And BTW, why don't you have passports? I mean, we don't have one but we never actually go anywhere. You guys are always on the go!