08 January, 2010

Another Post About the Future of My Powder Room

Please try to contain your enthusiasm until the end of the post!

Back during NaBloPoMo (November edition), I shared a photo of some paint chips and some other design choices we were considering for the downstairs bathroom. What I didn't mention was that we were skewing the bathroom theme a little towards Japanese. Really, it's not supposed to be like a Zen garden or anything (not that that wouldn't be cool...) - just simple and elegant, and really dark purple. Basically, the only addition to the room (after the light fixture, which has cool pagoda lines) was going to be a single white orchid (fake, obviously) in a simple container on the back of the toilet.

Did you catch the "was?"

Yeah...this is why Scott and I shouldn't go to World Market:

I guess it's not that far from the original design idea. Instead of a single orchid, now it's a single cherry blossom branch. With a very yellow background. I loved it. And Scott says he loves it, though I'm never really sure whether or not he's placating me. The print itself was cheap. I imagine framing it will not be. Have you seen the shape of this thing?!?

And though you can't tell from the pictures above and below (because of the fact that my camera does not like CF light bulbs), that print is going to look un-be-freaking-lieveable on the dark purple wall. (also, no, it's not going to live on the sink - that's just where the paint chips are stuck)

I think it's almost time to buy the light fixture and the paint and get cracking on project #1!


mamajoy said...

I like the 3 colors along the right and the center one on the bottom. Have you chosen one yet?

And, OMG that is going to be a great bathroom! How pretty!

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

We're pretty much set on #6 (middle-right). That's what's in the bottom picture. I think the bottom-middle goes best with the picture, but it's more of a burgundy, which is what we were thinking of as an accent wall in the living room.

wickedmess said...

Ooh, I LOVE it! I love all of the colors. It's going to be gorgeous!!!