22 January, 2010

My Hope for Late Night TV

I hope Conan makes a deal with Fox. I genuinely believe that the young viewers (you know - the ones advertisers covet) will flock to him and that Leno and Letterman will split the older viewers. But you know, I hope that enough people who were lukewarm on Leno before will be so annoyed with NBC that they watch Letterman instead.

Personally, I doubt I'll watch the Tonight Show any time soon. I know better than to say "never," but I don't intend to watch that show until Leno has properly retired and they've banned him from the building.

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wickedmess said...

We've been watching Conan the last few days and he has been just HYSTERICAL! I had no idea that he was so funny. That combined with the fact that I feel so bad for him because of the way NBC and Leno treated him - he has a new fan. I hope he gets a new show and that it's a huge hit.

We've also watched Leno and he's just as boring as I remember. I can't imagine that I'll be watching the Tonight Show anytime soon either. Leno is an idiot if he thinks he's going to convince everyone that he's an innocent party in all of this. Like you, I hope viewers flock to Letterman and Leno and NBC pay a price for all of this. They've clearly acted in bad faith and they shouldn't be rewarded for it.