17 January, 2010

Making People Uncomfortable Since 1979

It's what I do!

Yesterday at work I had the same conversation with two completely separate groups of people: two acquaintances from the front desk, and two friends from The Restaurant. Basically, I was trying to rally other people to come and audition for a role in a show for a character who happens to be black. (Sorry, really don't know whether her lineage is from Africa) Of course, this is funny because none of us are black.

I pointed out to both groups (c'mon...when you have good material, don't you re-use it?) that I was just as likely to get this part as I was to get any Disney Princess role. And in my best squeaky little kid voice, I looked up and said, "Cinderella, you got FAT!"

This is one of those situations when, had I said "ugly" or "old," that I probably would have been met by a chorus of "no you're not..." But obviously I'm overweight. And though I thought it was funny (and Scott belly laughed when I recounted this story to him), apparently other people aren't willing to also acknowledge this fact. (true story - I just mistyped 'fact' as 'fat')

Anyway, I'm sorry I made anyone uncomfortable. I'll add Jokes About My Weight to the list of categories not to bring up in front of work people.

(I still think it was funny)

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wickedmess said...

I belly laughed when I read it! Hell, I would have belly laughed had I been there when you said it. You made a great point in a very funny way.