25 January, 2010

Who Hasn't Almost Killed Their Kid At Least Once?

I read an interesting story in the Sentinel yesterday. Here's the highlights:

An infant in Pasco County was scalded because his mother reportedly tried to spray a spider off him with hot water...

The sheriff's office reports that the 27-year-old mother saw a spider in the tub as she prepared to give her baby a bath. When she tried to wash it down the drain, it jumped on her son. She then grabbed the baby and put him under the running water to get the spider off.

The water was too hot, the baby got scalded, he was treated and released, and a Deputy came to the house to make sure the water heater was turned down.

When I relayed the story to Scott, and got to the part about them turning the water heater down, he asked "did they turn the stupid down too?" But really, I think this is the kind of thing that every parent has done at least once. Heck, I consider myself lucky to have made it to my third birthday! And actually, I think this mom and my mom have a lot in common. Obviously they're both afraid of bugs!

Scene: mother holding baby while standing on the patio next to their pool. A bee lands on the mother's arm, and her response is to flail her arm (dropping baby), and then run into the house and close the door behind her. The baby? She's still on the patio!

Another scene: parents washing the car decide to place baby's walker on a nice soft pile of sand in their front lawn (since the grass is so itchy). The baby is fussy pretty much from the moment they walk away. Parents discover a while later that the soft pile of sand was a fire ant mound and that the baby's legs are covered in bites.

See? All parents do stupid things. It's part of being a parent. And it gives their adult children something to blog about. C'mon...who else wants to share a "this is how my parents almost killed me" story?

(disclaimer: I'm only looking for funny stories)

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