18 January, 2010


Last night's dinner: chicken pot pie.
Dessert: banana tart.

What's the big deal? I freaking cooked all of it from scratch! Scott cooked the chicken and chopped the vegetables for me, but I cooked it! I sauteed, I boiled, I baked, and I made PIE CRUST! (yes, it was just an excuse to eat more pie crust, I admit it)

...and it was damn good. It wasn't perfect, but it was a great jumping off point. And I know every single ingredient that went into it.

The banana tart was sort of just leftovers - the pie crust scraps rolled out into an amoeba shape and filled with 2 will-be-rotten-tomorrow bananas tossed with some melted butter and brown sugar. It wasn't pretty, but I'm seriously trying to figure out why people don't eat banana pie!

Well, I should stop patting myself on the back so I can go unload the dishwasher. What gets cooked must be cleaned!

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wickedmess said...

:: wipes tear from eye ::

Look who grew up and got all domestic on us. I remember that it was just a few years ago that mac 'n cheese was your proudest culinary accomplishment and now you bake pies!

You know I'm proud of you!!!

Mm, pie...