11 September, 2006

Step Away From the eBAY

I have an illness. It's true. And tonight my eBAY obsession took a surprising bad turn:

I discovered the joy of swooping in minutes before the end of an auction and stealing cheap things right out from under other peoples' noses.

I also discovered cheap jewelery.

I bought three things tonight, and paid about $25 including shipping. I bought a pair of fake diamond studs for $2.50, a cheap knock-off of the Tiffany necklace I love for 99 cents(!) and a really nice knock-off of the bracelet that matches my Tiffany necklace for less than $7. Sure, it's junk jewelery. But if just one of the items lives up to my expectations, I'll be happy.

Actually, today wasn't the standard JAMIE monDAY. Scott is having an issue with his foot, and couldn't get in to see the doctor until tomorrow morning, so he called in sick. I, nurturing soul that I am, took him to IHOP for breakfast. I haven't been to IHOP in ages (probably since the summer I spent with Mom and Alicia). It's actually more ghetto than Denny's. But our server was great, and I was happy to look at a menu other than the brown paper one at C.B. I got the stuffed french toast, which turned out to be more of a deep-fried donut. Tasty, but sweet! Now I know why it came with "normal" breakfast food too.

I am also about 3/4 of the way through making the batch of Irish Potatoes I was drafted into. I don't know why I'm bothering -- the whole batch is probably going to be a whopping 50 potatoes. (and I'm making them small!) And does anyone know how well cream cheese travels? My suggestion to anyone reading this: don't eat the tiny brown balls at the wedding.

And Scott washed the 600 TC sheets today, which went immediately back on the bed. I'm curious to see how long a set of sheets will last when not in rotation with another set. Apparently I should have bought another set when I had the chance! See? Sometimes internet bargain shopping pays off!

Speaking of the internet, Karen from the Naked Ovary met her daughter in China yesterday. I dare you to read her first "mommy blog" post and not cry happy tears for a random stranger.

And thus concludes this evening's stream of consciousness. Good night.


brownin4days said...

cream cheese travels beautifully! double the recipe!

The ParkHopper said...

YOU double the recipe!

...or say please.